Man using a fraudulent credit card while online shopping

Common Credit Card Scams

Credit card scams are all too common and can happen to anyone. There are many credit card scams, but some of the most common include identity theft, phishing, and skimming. The team at Meade Law Group breaks down the most common credit card scams you may experience.

The "Skimming" Scam

"Skimming" scams are on the rise, with individuals attaching devices to credit card readers that can steal data from debit and credit cards. This scam is both sophisticated and hard to detect — it can be done in seconds and remain undetected.

The "Phishing" Scam

"Phishing" is another common scam. Individuals send emails, texts, or even social media messages that appear to be sent from a legitimate company, asking you to provide personal information such as passwords or credit card numbers. Victims often reveal this information and ultimately have their identity stolen or their bank accounts drained.

The "Pretexting" Scam

Another technique is known as "pretexting." With pretexting, individuals pose as someone the victim knows and trusts, such as a relative, friend, or healthcare provider, to trick them into giving away personal or financial information like bank passwords or Social Security numbers.

The "Debt Relief" Scam

"Debt relief" scams are becoming increasingly prevalent, as individuals offer tactics to take others' money. These strategies promise to help someone pay off their debts quickly and easily, often through suspicious means such as consolidating loans without a valid explanation.

The "Lottery" or "Prize" Scam

The "lottery" or "prize" scam targets individuals with dreams and hopes for a better future. In this tactic, individuals will contact someone claiming they've won a contest or lottery drawing. They often encourage others to send money to cover taxes or fees associated with the prize that are supposedly necessary to collect the winnings.

Accused of a Common Credit Card Scam?

While there are multiple types of credit card scams, it's essential to have legal representation if you are accused of this type of crime. The experienced credit card scam attorneys at Meade Law Group are ready to help you should you face these charges. Don't try to fight a criminal charge alone - let the Johnson City criminal defense attorneys at Meade Law Group be there for you. (423) 464-7779