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Most Common Purchases with Stolen Credit Card Information

When a credit card is stolen, it can be used to make purchases that range from mundane to extravagant. However, offenders tend to purchase specific items more often than others with stolen credit cards.

Sending Information to Other Offenders

Sometimes, credit card thieves don't use the stolen information themselves. Instead, they'll sell the data to other fraudsters who will do the actual purchasing with the compromised cards. These purchases tend to be more valuable items that can easily be resold for profit. Examples of such items include expensive electronics like laptops, jewelry, and luxury apparel. Because these items are resealable, these items have a higher resale value and can make fraudsters more money in the long run.

Gift Cards

Another popular purchase made with stolen credit cards is gift cards. Gift cards can be used to buy a wide range of items and services, making them ideal for thieves who want to make quick purchases without being detected. In addition, many merchants do not require identification when purchasing gift cards, making it even easier for fraudsters to go unnoticed.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are a third common purchase made with stolen credit cards. Thieves often use the new devices to access the internet, set up a new email address, and even make calls anonymously. This makes it easier for them to carry out further fraudulent activities, such as creating fake accounts or stealing more personal data from unsuspecting victims. Additionally, cell phones are easy to resell, which means fraudsters may be able to make a profit from the purchase.

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Accused of Credit Card Theft?

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