• Great lawyer, professional and talented.
    I hired Mac to handle a personal injury case for my family. He did an excellent job representing our best interests while taking the time to explain the process in detail. I would highly recommend Mac to anyone looking for a lawyer who truly cares about their clients.

    - Kevin

  • Best lawyer that you could ever ask for.
    Mac is the best lawyer in East Tennessee. He done everything he said he would. It's hard to find a lawyer that will do what they say they will do. He got my charges dropped you couldn't ask for a better man. Thank you Mac.

    - James

  • Would HIGHLY recommend Mac.
    I hired Mac after speaking with several other attorneys about my case. I was hesitate to use him at first because he is from Johnson City and my case was being heard in Bristol. BUT, The first thing that struck me about Mac was that he is very prompt about getting back with you on emails or phone calls. I met with him and he was very attentive and made me comfortable immediately by just the way he talked and reassured me. He took notes and discussed any questions immediately so to cover all aspects of the case. He spent the time going over every option I had and outlining a plan of defense. He also told me what would help my case as far as documents to provide to him. After speaking with him at the first meeting, I knew he would do the best job for me. He was very realistic with me and told me what each outcome could mean for me. He didn't make false promises but gave a pretty good guideline of how he thought things would proceed. 
I had my court date yesterday and he spent HOURS negotiating with the DA on my behalf. He truly represented my best interest and showed the DA how things are not always cut and dry, black and white. He also advised me when he thought the "deal" was as good as it was going to get and when I should accept it, but ultimately left the decision up to me and my family. During my case, he pulled me out of the courtroom and let me and my family wait in a side room so I didn't have to sit in the courtroom the whole time. This allowed me to calm down some and took some of the stress out of it for me. feel he represented me better than ANYONE else could have. I also feel that if I had went with ANYONE else, I would have regretted it in the long run. I KNOW that Mac went to bat for me and spent the time for my case as if I were his own family member. can not recommend him highly enough. I have had many situations throughout my life that required attorney's for different reasons, but I have never had one that I felt so comfortable with. will certainly use him again and recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney. I will advise any of my friends to use him.

    - Dianne

  • Experienced and professional.
    Competent and friendly staff, provided sound advice, allowed me to make the decisions, paralegals never too busy to provide me with information, guided me through a process and to a result that allows me to put this matter to rest. Would call on him again if needed

    - Richard

  • Hire them immediately!
    Great lawyer. Cares about what you're dealing with and how it will affect your life. Felt at ease after our initial meeting. Very put together and professional. Highly recommended lawyer!

    - Rachael

  • Mr. Meade went above and beyond to help me!
    I was very pleased with the way Mr. Meade and his staff handled my case. They always kept me up to date on what was going on and was there to answer any questions I may have had. Mr. Meade went above and beyond to help me with a problem we were having that wasn't even part of the case he was handling. I would highly recommend Mr. Meade and if the need every arises will definitely hire him again.

    - Michelle