Results will vary depending on your injuries, applicable law, fault, facts of your case and other factors.
  • Reduced to Reckless Driving
    DUI II reduced to reckless driving with blood draw over the legal limit.
  • Charges Dismissed
    Juvenile Delinquency

    Juvenile Delinquency Charge completely dismissed.

  • Case Dismissed

    DUI dismissed completely for a bad stop.

  • Reduced Charge

    Firefighter’s career saved by significant reduction in his DUI to allow him to retain his job.

  • Charge Reduced to Assault
    Aggravated Assault

    Aggravated Assault charge reduced to assault and kept off clients permanent record.

  • Not Indicted
    ETSU Student Accused of Felony

    ETSU Student accused of serious felony – not indicted after hiring Meade Law Group.