4 Tips To Share the Road with Motorcyclists

Now that warmer weather is here, there are more motorcyclists on the road. While it’s always imperative to keep your eyes on the road, with motorcyclists sharing the streets too, it’s important for drivers to keep a few tips in mind.

Double-check your blind spots

It’s harder to notice a motorcycle on the road compared to other vehicles due to their speed and size. If you’ve seen motorcycles in the area, be extra cautious as you switch lanes.

Give Motorcyclists Their Space

If possible, try to avoid being in the same lane as a motorcycle. This helps keep them safe and everyone in your vehicle safe too. If you are in the same lane with a motorcycle, and you are looking to change lanes, slow down and move over. If you must pass a motorcycle in an opposite lane, only do so if you are certain that you wouldn’t come close to the motorcycle.

A good rule of thumb is the four-second rule — you always want to be at least four seconds away from a motorcycle. A way to check this is by looking at a sign ahead and then counting from when your vehicle (or the motorcyclist, whichever vehicle is in front) passes it until the other vehicle passes it. There should be at least four seconds from the time the first vehicle passes the sign until the second vehicle passes the sign to ensure you are as safe as possible on the road.

Look Out for Traffic

When traffic is heavy, motorcyclists may want to do something called lane splitting. This is when they travel in-between lanes while traffic is stopped on the road. This is illegal in Tennessee; however, that doesn’t stop some motorcyclists from doing it.

Be Aware of Weather Conditions

If it recently rained and a motorcyclist is on the road, be extra aware. We know that wet roads are difficult for passenger drivers, but they’re even more treacherous for motorcyclists. If the weather conditions are not favorable, be more cautious of motorcyclists on the road.

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