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Lane Splitting and Your Tennessee Motorcycle Accident

As summer approaches, more people are getting out on their motorcycles and enjoying the weather. Motorcyclists are, by nature, at a higher risk for accidents and sustaining severe injuries, due to the lack of protection on motorcycles. Unfortunately, as more motorcycles start to fill Tennessee’s roads, the likelihood of accidents also increases.

As streets become more congested, many motorcyclists resort to risky maneuvers in order to beat the traffic. One of the most common maneuvers is known as lane splitting.

What Is Lane Splitting?

Lane splitting, which is also known as “lane sharing” is when a motorcyclist rides between traffic lanes. So, instead of stopping behind a car, lane splitting allows motorcycle riders to “split the lanes” and ride on the line between two vehicles.

When executed safely, lane splitting can help immensely to increase the flow of traffic, effectively eliminating unnecessary traffic. On the contrary, when lane splitting is done without control, it can cause road rage, serious accidents, and confusion among all parties sharing the road.

While lane splitting is a widely accepted practice across the world, the U.S. doesn’t agree that it’s a good idea.

Tennessee Lane Splitting

The only state to legally allow lane splitting is California, due to its overwhelming amount of traffic and a high number of motorcyclists. However, as motorcycles are becoming more popular across the nation, many bikers are consistently urging legislators to rethink their decisions on lane-splitting laws.

A bill known as the Tennessee House Bill 1102, was introduced in 2015. If passed, the bill would allow bikers in Tennessee to ride between traffic lanes when necessary.

The bill used the American Motorcycle Association’s findings to highlight the ways that lane splitting could benefit Tennessee’s road systems:

  • A decrease in the number of rear-end collisions
  • A decrease in the number of motorcycle accidents and traffic-related injuries
  • Increased rider focus
  • Higher visibility

While this all seems like a step in the right direction, the bill, unfortunately, did not make it to its first reading.

Meade Law Group Can Help You Recover

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