Drunk Driving Can Result in Civil Lawsuits

When people think of penalties associated with drunk driving, they typically picture criminal punishments; however, civil penalties can stem from drunk driving accidents. Let’s define “duty of care” to understand why drunk driving can result in civil lawsuits.

Duty of Care & Drunk Driving

All drivers have a duty of care to passengers and other drivers on the road to act as any reasonable person would while using public roadways. Acting reasonably means following traffic safety laws to protect the health of other citizens.

When drivers breach their duty of care by acting unreasonably, this breach of duty allows those injured by the violation to seek compensation for the physical and emotional trauma they sustain at the hands of negligence.

Drunk driving is undoubtedly a breach of duty of care as it is an illegal act. Therefore, someone injured at the hands of a drunk driver should have a fairly straightforward personal injury case should they pursue it. 

Have You Been Injured by a Drunk Driver?

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