Large crowd at a sporting event

How to Stay Safe After Drinking at a Sports Event

Fall sports like soccer and football will be returning to the field soon. While it may be fun to “pregame” with alcoholic beverages, having drinks before and during a game and then trying to drive home can have serious consequences. Those who want to enjoy an alcoholic beverage during a sporting event should keep the following in mind before going home.

Designated Driver

The safest way to get home after drinking at a sporting event is to have a designated driver. This person should be sober and not have had anything to drink before or during the sporting event. By having someone designated ahead of time to drive home, no one will have to worry about driving intoxicated and putting themselves or others at risk.


Some may feel it’s OK to drink on an empty stomach, but it’s not. Eating will help slow down the absorption of alcohol in someone’s system, making that person less likely to get drunk quickly. Individuals who want to drink at a sporting event should eat something before heading out to the game and try to snack on some healthy foods throughout the night.

Know Your Limits

Individuals need to know how much alcohol they can handle before things get out of control. If someone isn’t sure, they should err on the side of caution and not drink a lot.

Pace Yourself

Drinking too fast is one of the quickest ways to get drunk so individuals need to take their time and savor their drinks. Chugging may seem like a fun competition with others, but it will make someone intoxicated quicker and can be detrimental for those who may try to drive after the game.


Alcohol dehydrates the body, so drinking plenty of water throughout the night is essential. This will help prevent a hangover the next day and help individuals stay safe by keeping their bodies from getting too dehydrated.

Pulled Over After a Game?

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