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Top 5 Personal Injury Accidents Around the Holidays

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s never the most wonderful time for an accident. During the holidays when there are usually extra plans to see family and friends, having to deal with an injury due to an accident is frustrating.

Unfortunately during the holidays, accidents happen. In particular, we look at the most common types of personal injury accidents that occur more during the holiday season.

Meat Carving

A staple around many holidays is food. Whether it’s turkey for Thanksgiving, ham for Christmas, or any other meat to celebrate any occasion, if it requires any carving or slicing and therefore the use of sharp tools, someone could become injured.

Before carving or slicing meat, the individual should make sure they have no distractions or others near them who could accidentally bump them while using the sharp tool.

Climbing Ladders/Standing on Chairs

It seems like holiday decorations are placed outside for about any holiday nowadays (have you seen inflatable Leprechauns in yards to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?). For autumn and winter holidays, some homeowners may choose to place lights outside their homes or if they celebrate Christmas, hang decorations from a tree inside or outside the home. Some of these decorations could require an individual climbing a ladder or if inside, a chair, which could then lead to a potential fall and serious injuries.

Before climbing on a ladder or chair, individuals should make sure that the tool being used is sturdy and not missing any rims or other pieces that could cause the device to break when someone steps or climbs on it. Another factor individuals need to consider is making sure the ladder or chair is on a sturdy, flat surface to help prevent any sudden tips should weight balance shift when someone is on the tool.

Electrical Shock

When it comes to stringing lights or dealing with other decorations that require electricity, there is always the chance of experiencing an electrical shock. It’s estimated around 1,000 individuals die from electrocution each year and 30,000 are injured. The same estimates claim that about one-fifth of all electrical incidents involve children, while a majority of all incidents happen at the workplace.

Nonetheless, it is critical for anyone using electrical equipment, especially if it hasn’t been used in a while, to carefully examine all cords to make sure there are no frays before plugging it into a socket. The socket should also be carefully examined before anyone plugs something in, and double-check the person plugging in the cord has dry hands as water is an electrical insulator.

Opening Gifts

Similar to slicing or cutting meat, opening gifts could become dangerous if someone uses a sharp tool such as a box knife. When opening a gift, a person could accidentally lacerate themselves, or if they get distracted and someone is close by, slice or puncture a person near them. Doctors estimate around 6,000 gift-opening injuries are treated each year.

The best way to prevent an accident like this is by making sure someone who knows how to use a box knife is the one using the tool (don’t let young children use a box knife to open gifts). Adults can help prevent an injury by making sure any cut they make is away from their body and no one else is near them when they’re using a box knife.

Car Accidents

Car accidents happen every day but during the holidays, car accidents can rise due to inclement weather and impaired drivers.

Snow and other weather factors can lead to slippery streets causing drivers not to have control of their vehicles. Additionally, if people choose to have an alcoholic beverage while at a holiday party, sometimes individuals think they will be OK and choose to drive home. Impairment due to alcohol happens after one drink, so it is never a safe decision to drink and then drive. Drivers should utilize a rideshare service or ask a friend to drive them home if they have been drinking.

Another reason car accidents spike during the holiday season is due to stress. Drivers who are trying to make a celebration by a certain time or run into holiday traffic on the road because other drivers are trying to get to see family and friends can cause any driver a headache or potential road rage. It is important for drivers to always remain calm behind the wheel and utilize defensive driving techniques to avoid an accident.

The team at Meade Law Group wants to make sure you enjoy the holiday season with loved ones and not in a hospital room. If you are injured in one of these types of accidents or in another accident at no fault of your own, you have the right to be properly compensated. Our compassionate attorneys are here for you — get started with a free consultation by calling (423) 464-7779.