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Reporting a Personal Injury Accident During the Holidays

Personal injury accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. That can be not easy during the holiday season especially if you are traveling or out of town. If you experience a personal injury incident during the holidays, rest assured that your claim can still be handled.

The experienced team at is here for you — no matter the season. If you are injured during the holidays, our attorneys are ready to fight for you.

Document How You’re Traveling

If you are injured while out of town, it’s critical to have documentation of your travels. That means if you have receipts of places you were (restaurants, hotels, etc…) keep them secured until you return home. If you have an injury while at an out-of-town hotel and have documentation that you reserved a room for there, that will help you in your personal injury fight.

Medical Records

Unfortunately, some individuals can wind up in the hospital while they’re out of town. It’s never an ideal situation for anyone to need emergency medical care, especially when they’re not in their hometown, but it happens.

Keep those records if you end up in the hospital or urgent care due to a personal injury incident while out of town. Not only is it imperative for insurance reasons, but it will be beneficial if the injury was at no fault of your own.

Family Matters

Don’t discount the matter if a personal injury accident caused you to miss family gatherings. If a loved one had to miss work or you missed important obligations due to an injury that you didn’t cause, you could receive compensation for pain and suffering or lost wages.

Ongoing Medical Support

Many personal injuries aren’t healed in a day. There could be surgery recovery, physical therapy, or more needed to recover from an accident. If you have ongoing medical attention due to an accident, you deserve to be properly compensated.

Who Can Help Me After a Personal Injury Accident?

The experienced attorneys at Meade Law Group are here to help anytime — during the holidays or any other day. We know the holidays can be stressful, and experiencing an injury at no fault of your own can add to that stress. That’s why if you’ve experienced an injury like this, it’s critical to contact our team right away. Reach us online or by phone — (423) 464-7779.