Parking Lot Accidents on the Rise

Many people concern themselves with safety while on the road. You may take extra caution to avoid an accident on the road. Unfortunately, accidents in a parking lot can be just as dangerous and severe. Recent studies have shown that parking lot accidents are on the rise.

Why Are Parking Lot Accidents Increasing?

The increase in parking lot accidents has been attributed to the increase in population in urban areas. More and more people are trying to access parking lots for various stores and businesses. This increase in population, coupled with less care when driving in these areas, has increased the likelihood of serious accidents.

During the holiday season, parking lot accidents increase by nearly 20 percent. This is due to the increase in shoppers during this time period. Many people during the holiday season are in a rush and tend to be less cautious with the increased numbers. This causes even more accidents than at other times of the year.

Types of Parking Lot Accidents

There are various types of accidents that can occur in a parking lot. They can be due to people not following the directions and slower speeds of these areas and colliding while trying to find a space. Sometimes, accidents occur when a person is driving through the parking lot, and another person is backing out of a parking space.

There are also incidents where two or more people are backing out of a parking space simultaneously and collide. There are also high numbers of accidents involving one driver hitting a parked car. Speed and carelessness also cause an increase in accidents involving pedestrians in the parking lots.

Who Is At-Fault for Parking Lot Accidents?

It can be difficult to determine fault in a parking lot accident. However, just as on the road, there are certain rules that should be followed when in a parking lot. Those that do not follow those rules are often found at-fault for the accident. In general, those driving through the parking lot have the right-of-way when hit by a vehicle pulling out of a parking space.

Insurance companies, however, have a tendency to attempt to avoid fault in parking lots by claiming that there is no specific right-of-way. It can also be difficult finding witnesses to the accident to help defend your case. Fortunately, an attorney can assist with this process and help protect your rights in these types of accidents.

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