Playground Liabilities & Kids

A well-maintained playground is a lifesaver for exhausted parents and stressed childcare workers. Unfortunately, not all playground operators maintain their parks and playgrounds, and this can result in children suffering serious personal injuries. That’s why Meade Law Group is here to explain playground liabilities and recovery options.

Playground Liabilities

Whether owned by a school, a city, or a business, playground operators must protect children from potential dangers by keeping the premises safe.

Keeping a safe playground means:

  • Repairing broken playground equipment (cracked slides, busted bridges, and rusted bars).
  • Maintaining the grounds (turf, asphalt, wood chips, grass, etc.)
  • Clearly marking potential hazards (pointy screws, hard-to-see poles, etc.)
  • Providing lights for afternoon play (if applicable.)

If an operator fails to keep a playground safe from hazards, it may be liable for personal injuries caused on the premises.

Negligent Supervision of Children

Some playgrounds (like ones at elementary schools) provide child supervision during play. When a teacher or yard duty accepts the responsibility of watching your child, the caretaker could be liable for injuries your child receives while under their care.

A negligent supervision lawsuit may occur when:

  • An authority agrees to supervise your child;
  • That authority did not properly monitor your child;
  • Your child was hurt as a direct result of the caretaker’s negligence.

Has Your Child Been Injured at a Playground?

If your child was injured while at a playground, Meade Law Group can help you determine if you should pursue just compensation on their behalf. There is no reason to assume responsibility for someone else’s mistake, contact our award-winning firm today!

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