Public Pool Liability

When families want to get away from the heat, public pools are a great option; unfortunately, they can be dangerous if they’re improperly taken care of. If you or a loved one are injured while visiting a pool, the city may be liable for damages.

Public Pool Liability

When visiting a public pool, the owner of the pool could be liable for injuries caused by negligence. For example, if someone is walking on the side of the pool and slips on an improperly marked hazard, the injured may pursue damages for a slip-and-fall accident.

A posted lifeguard is a necessary part of public pool safety, but these workers aren’t always as diligent as they need to be. If someone is drowning and a lifeguard fails to take appropriate action, any injuries resulting from the incident could lead to a successful personal injury case. Additionally, if a lifeguard fails to stop a situation where someone could be injured, the injured could sue the lifeguard for failing to do their job.

While rare, freak accidents at public pools are possible. If a patron is killed due to the negligence of the owner of the pool or its employees, the family of the patron may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit. In a wrongful death suit, the family will attempt to hold the pool authorities accountable for their action (or lack of action) that resulted in the person’s death.

Injured at a Public Pool?

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