Johnson City Students Learn Important Accident Facts

For new teen drivers, the road is a dangerous place and there is a significant risk of becoming involved in an auto accident that results in injury or death. Car accidents are a top cause of fatalities among teens because of inexperience, but also because young people tend to do dangerous things behind the wheel like drive too fast, text and drive or drink and drive.

Drunk driving accident lawyers in Johnson City know that the best way to help kids avoid accidents is to educate them about the risks on the road and to teach them how to make smart driving decisions. Recently, the Johnson City Press reported that some 13 and 14-year-old students learned some important lessons about car accidents. These students were taught both about drunk driving and about how police and accident investigators use math to reconstruct what happened in car accidents and determine who is to blame for the crash.

Students Learn Key Lessons on Auto Accidents

Accident reconstruction experts are consulted in situations where there is conflicting information on how an accident happened or in situations where those involved in the crash cannot provide details on how the accident occurred. An accident reconstruction expert seeks to determine who was to blame for causing the accident so that the responsible party can face civil and criminal penalties if his actions were negligent or wrongful in a way that led to the crash and the victim’s injuries or death.

The students in this Johnson City class learned how accident reconstruction experts conduct their investigations using geometry and trigonometry in order to determine how the force and impact of the crash affect the human body. This lesson helped the students to understand just how dangerous accidents can be and showed students how and why car accidents are so often deadly.

In addition to learning the math behind investigating car accidents, the students also participated in a lesson designed to give them a real-world understanding of one of the most common causes of accidents: drunk driving. To get a first-hand glimpse into why driving drunk is so dangerous, the students were given special goggles designed to mimic the feeling of being drunk.

As part of the lesson, the students wore two different pairs of vision impairment goggles. One was designed to mimic an intoxication level between .07 and .10 and the other was designed to mimic an intoxication level of between .17 and .20. The students then performed a walk-and-turn test while wearing the goggles and were asked to drive a golf cart through a course of cones both while wearing the goggles and without them on.

The hope is that by teaching these young people the lessons about accident risks and drunk driving dangers before they are actually able to drive, the young teens won’t drive drunk or make choices that put themselves at risk behind the wheel.

While not all kids can participate in classroom events like this, all kids can learn the dangers of drunk driving from parents who should have a serious conversation about why driving impaired is never acceptable. Parents should start early to talk to their kids so that they, too, can hopefully have a good understanding of drunk driving dangers before actually getting their driver’s licenses.

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