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You buy a product that you expect will make life a little easier: a new car with the latest safety features or a home appliance that can make preparing the family dinner more efficient.

If you or a loved one is coping with a health issue, a doctor might use a medical device during surgery or prescribe a drug that could completely change your life.

Unfortunately, household products, motor vehicles, medical devices, medications and other consumer goods can have a negative impact on your life when they are defective or dangerous. A defective medical device or a dangerous drug can have serious, adverse side effects. A defective seat belt or airbag can result in a catastrophic injury or death during an accident.

Circumstances Leading up to a Defective Product Lawsuit

A defective product case may arise if a product is considered defective, unsafe, or if the product fails to meet design, construction or performance standards and causes harm to an individual. The following are a few examples of how defective products cause harm:

  • A lamp, toaster, or laptop computer that causes harm to a user (for example, an electric shock or a fire).
  • A dangerous toy or other product designed for children that may have a fire hazard or other safety issue.
  • A defect in an automobile, such as faulty brakes or other car parts, that causes a high-speed crash.

Types of Product Defects

There are three basic types of defects that can serve as the basis of a product liability claim:

Defective Design — A defective design can lead to a defect being repeated throughout an entire product line. For example, a booster seat may not properly secure a child in the seat due to its design, or a toaster may overheat during normal use and pose a fire risk. A design defect in many cases will lead to a product recall.

Defective Manufacturing — The product may be designed properly, but the manufacturer may not institute adequate quality control, or the manufacturer may use shoddy materials. Defective manufacturing can pose a serious risk of injury. Tennessee law holds manufacturers responsible for injuries caused by products that are unreasonably unsafe for normal or anticipatable use.

Defective Marketing — Consumers must have access to warnings or instructions that explain any known danger about a product. Consumers may get injured if a product is marketed without sufficient warnings about any known hazards.

How a products liability attorney in the Tri-Cities area can help

If you or a loved one is injured by a dangerous product, you should contact an experienced products liability lawyer. An attorney who is well versed in state and federal law can stand up for you and demand justice. Insurance companies for big businesses have resources to defend themselves. They will work aggressively to delay or deny a claim. Our eastern Tennessee product liability attorneys are aware of their tactics and know how to counter their arguments.

We are compassionate attorneys who are not afraid of big corporations and their big city insurance companies. Whether you or a loved one was injured by a household appliance or suffered food poisoning, we are prepared to listen to you and discuss your legal options.

We are serious lawyers for serious injuries. Call (423) 464-7779 for a free consultation.

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