Common Reasons Domestic Violence Charges Get Dismissed

When you’re charged with domestic violence, you will likely feel confused and frustrated, at the very least. While you may think that, once charged, you will be stuck with the consequences forever, that is not always the case.

In some cases, these charges get dropped before they even have a chance to make it to trial. On top of crafting a solid defense for your unique case, the team at Meade Law Group explains the cases in which domestic violence charges against you may be dismissed entirely.

Why Do Domestic Violence Charges Get Dropped?

Uncooperative Accuser

In order to proceed with their case, the prosecution needs the accuser to help build their case as well as abide by certain rules throughout the court process. If the accuser decides they no longer want to provide details of the incident or refuses to appear in court, the prosecution may drop the case.

Insufficient Evidence

A prosecutor will need sufficient evidence in order to corroborate the accuser’s account of what happened. If there are no physical markings to match the alleged assault or the accuser’s story is not matching up with eyewitness testimony, there may not be enough evidence to proceed and the charges can be dismissed.

Self Defense

You may be charged with domestic violence after only attempting to defend yourself from physical assault from the accuser. In cases like these, in which the violence that took place was necessary to protect yourself from further harm, your charges may be dropped.

History of False Accusation

Unfortunately, some accusations of domestic violence are only made based on miscommunication or in an effort to get the upper hand on a different legal matter, such as child custody battles.

If the accuser has a history of making false accusations, a pattern may be established that proves this and forces a prosecutor to drop the charges.

Domestic Violence Defense in Johnson City

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