Safety Tips When Walking as a Pedestrian

When you think of parties involved in a car accident, the image of two cars with two separate drivers likely comes to mind. Although that is commonly the scene after accidents, in some cases, you can be involved in an accident without even being in a vehicle. Pedestrian accidents occur more often than you may think, and they can leave the victim with much more serious injuries.

To keep yourself safe, while walking as a pedestrian, here are a few tips to follow.

Tips for Staying Safe as a Pedestrian

Stay Alert

You may like taking walks or running while listening to music or texting friends, but keep your phone in your pocket when oncoming traffic is near. If you must listen to music, keep one headphone out of your ear so you’re able to hear nearby cars.

Take Advantage of Sidewalks

Whenever possible, walk on sidewalks to distance yourself from oncoming traffic. If sidewalks are not available where you are walking, walk facing traffic and create as much distance between you and vehicles.

Keep Your Children Close

Your children may like to walk ahead of you or try to balance on the edge of the sidewalk, but this can put them at risk of injury. Have your children walk by your side, preferably on the inside of the walkway that is away from the street.

Use Crosswalks

When crossing streets, always aim to use designated crosswalks that stop traffic long enough for you to safely pass by. If there are no crosswalks to use, cross at a well-lit area with enough time between traffic.

Be Visible

Especially when walking at night, wear bright, reflective clothing so you’re more visible to drivers. When crossing the street, try to make eye contact with stopped drivers to ensure they see that you’re there.

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