Bus turning into a crosswalk

The Most Dangerous Types of Accidents

Bus turning into a crosswalkFar too often, individuals hear about serious motor vehicle accidents on the road and the damages that they can cause. Did you know, though, that there are many different types of accidents that can occur that may cause serious injuries.

Some accident types are unfortunately more dangerous than others because of the damages they can cause. It’s important for individuals to understand these accidents and how dangerous they are in order to keep themselves safe.

Here are some of the most dangerous types of accidents that can occur.

Trucking Accidents Involving Large Commercial Vehicles

While many industries and individuals rely on commercial trucks to receive goods and products, these large vehicles can be dangerous when not operated in a proper manner. While there are many safe truck drivers on the road who are properly licensed, this is not always the case.

When truck drivers, the trucking company, or other employees responsible for loading or maintaining the truck are negligent, serious accidents can occur from product failure or simply reckless behavior. The size of these trucks make them so dangerous on the road. When you factor in potential speed and the small frame of other vehicles, the individuals involved can sustain serious and catastrophic injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents are Very Common…and Dangerous

When a motorcyclist takes to the road, they are doing so with the assumption that they will be given the same respects as other vehicles. Far too often, though, there is disregard from the motorist and motorcyclists are a second thought to the individuals in the vehicles.

Motorcyclists are not protected in the way that motorists are. There is no vehicle frame to protect them, no seat belt to keep them from ejecting away from the motorcycle, and are at serious risk of having a head injury caused by their contact with the ground.

There are a number of potential dangers to motorcyclists such as motorists failing to check their blind spots, turning in front of motorcycles, or speeding around the motorcycle. When this happens, the motorcyclists can potentially suffer a traumatic brain injury, a serious road burn, or even spinal cord damage.

Why Pedestrian Accidents are Some of the Worst that Can Happen?

Have you ever felt that walking would be a much safer option than driving somewhere just because you knew of the potential dangers on the road? You’re not alone and many individuals feel as though they can safely get to where they are going just by walking.

However, walking does not negate recklessness and there are still some situations in which individuals can wreck, causing serious damage to the pedestrian. The only difference in these situations, though, is that pedestrians don’t have any kind of protection from serious harm.

Pedestrian accidents can occur due to the following:

  • Drunk drivers whose decision-making abilities are impaired as a result of the alcohol consumption. This may mean they swerved onto a sidewalk or ran through a four-way stop.
  • Distracted drivers who are looking down at their phone and fail to realize that there is a stop sign or traffic signal, putting anyone crossing at a legal crosswalk in danger of serious injury.
  • Fatigued drivers who may fall asleep at the wheel because they are too tired to focus on the road. Their eyes may close and even a brief moment can lead to a crash.
  • Reckless drivers who may be speeding or who ignore traffic signals can collide with a pedestrian at a crosswalk, especially when they are not paying close attention.

Pedestrians, like motorcyclists, have no protection from significant injury, thus those who are hurt may sustain significant damages as a result of the collision.

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