Truck Driving

What Regulations Exist in the Trucking Industry?

Truck DrivingWe all know the different laws on the road: follow the speed limit; no texting while driving; no driving under the influence; etc. However, did you know that those who are in the trucking industry must abide by a separate set of rules under federal regulations?

These regulations are in place to prevent negligence in the trucking industry. They dictate a number of things that should be done prior to a truck leaving the warehouse, the way a driver must operate their truck, and even ways to properly load the cargo. Here are some of the main regulations that exist and how violations can be dangerous.

How Long Can a Truck Driver Operate Their Vehicle?

The Hours of Service regulations exist to prevent potential fatigued driving by truck drivers. These individuals are required to only operate their truck for a specific time period after which they must take a break from working. The break must also cover a set amount of time.

These regulations also dictate how many days a truck driver can operate their vehicle in a row before they are supposed to take off from work. This prevents them from being overworked, potentially falling asleep behind the wheel, and creating a serious danger on the road.

Weight Restrictions and What They Mean

Regulations—and even some roads—dictate exactly how much a commercial vehicle can weigh, including the cargo, to travel on the roads safely. Going beyond this weight limit or loading the trailer improperly can lead to a serious accident, especially on sharp turns.

A truck is limited because any extensive amount of weight may result in a rollover accident, or cause too much strain on the various parts of a truck, resulting in a product failure.

Necessary Maintenance on Trucks

The trucking company is responsible for maintaining their trucks. If they fail to check the brakes, steering, or engine, they put others at risk should a problem arise. This makes the trucking company responsible for any injuries that may occur.

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