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How Serious are Drug Charges in College?

How Serious are Drug Charges in College?

Being in college is a time of freedom for many students — the first time many of them are holding themselves accountable for getting to class on time, making sure they get enough rest, and of course, how to spend their free time. If that free time includes experimenting with drugs or underage drinking, the charges could stay on a person’s record far after they would potentially receive their diploma.

What Drug Charges Could a College Student Face?

Most college students are over the age of 18 which means they would face any potential charge any other adult could face. When focusing on drug charges, that could include:

  • possession with intent — This means if a student has an illegal drug, such as marijuana (which while legal in some states, is not legal currently in Tennessee,) the student could be charged with possession with the intent to use the drug;
  • simple possession — This is a smaller charge than possession with intent and usually classified as a misdemeanor. Even though it is a misdemeanor, this charge could result in time behind bars and a large fine.
  • drug trafficking or conspiracy — In Tennessee, if a student has more than one-half ounce of marijuana they could be charged with drug trafficking even if they have no intent on distributing it to anyone else. The charge could also be prosecuted as a felony, and, if law enforcement would conclude that the possession would cross state lines, it could be considered a federal crime.
  • drug manufacturing — This is the creation of an illegal drug.
  • sale of a controlled substance — This is when someone would barter, give away, exchange or distribute in any way an illegal drug.

What Punishment Could a Student Face if Charged With a Drug Crime?

For most colleges and universities, drug charges are not taken lightly. In addition to any local, state, or federal charges, a student can expect to face punishment from their school, whether they are found guilty or not. That could include anything from a suspension to expulsion from their school. Every college and university is different, but if a student is facing a drug charge, they should be prepared for some type of punishment from their school.

Students facing any drug charges should have an attorney on their side from the get-go. At the Meade Law Group, our attorneys are ready to help students in their time of need. Call our office today at (423) 464-7779.