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From Arrest to Freedom: Exploring Tennessee Domestic Violence Offenses

Domestic violence offenses are incredibly tricky to handle. There’s no arguing that these offenses are serious, and because of this, they are handled with extreme passion. Whether you’ve been arrested following a heated argument gone wrong or because of false allegations made by someone you know, domestic violence charges can completely reshape your life.

From a criminal record to possible jail time and probation, being convicted of domestic violence in Tennessee comes with stiff penalties. While each case is different, and there is no “one size fits all” approach to fighting charges, there are things that you can do to protect your future.

What Is Domestic Violence?

In Tennessee, domestic violence cases are where the victim and the defendant have a relationship. This includes:

  • Current or former significant others

  • Roommates

  • Grandparents

  • Blood relatives

  • Any members of the accused individual’s household

How Do the Police Respond?

Tennessee law requires the police to arrest the “primary aggressor” when they respond to a domestic violence report. If the police are called and arrive at a scene where it seems like an assault took place, the MUST make an arrest. This remains true even if neither party wants an arrest to be made.

It’s extremely common for individuals to call the police to make a domestic violence report in the “heat of the moment” only to realize that their emotions died down and things returned to normalcy. Unfortunately, once the police arrive at the scene, an arrest will be made.

This can result in the police:

  • Arresting the wrong person

  • Arresting an individual who did no harm

If you’ve been arrested on domestic violence charges, there are things that you can do to put your past behind you and move forward. We’re here to help. Call (423) 464-7779 today to learn more over a confidential consultation.

Tennessee’s “Cooldown” Period

According to T.C.A. § 40–11–150(h), individuals who are arrested on certain domestic violence charges should not be released for at least 12 hours after their arrest. This “cooldown” was put in place to allow the defendant to take a breather, reset their emotions, and allow the victim time to relocate if necessary.

However, it’s important to note that the “cooldown” period only applies when law enforcement believes that the alleged victim will be in danger if the defendant is released within 12 hours.

What to Expect In Court

If your domestic violence case makes it to court, it will then be subjected to the specific court’s procedures. Domestic violence cases often involve special:

  • Courtrooms
  • Judges
  • Prosecutor Units
  • Policies

Possible Consequences If Convicted

As stated earlier, domestic violence convictions are treated differently than other assault convictions. Being convicted of domestic violence in Tennesse could result in a misdemeanor, resulting in:

  • Permanent loss of the rights to own a firearm
  • A permanent stain on your record (one of the few misdemeanors that can never be expunged)

These are just a few of the lasting consequences you could face if convicted of domestic violence in Tennessee.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to fight for a better future.

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